Research and development, or R&D for short, is the field of the advancement of knowledge that a private or public sector organisation may undertake, in order to develop or create new products, processes or services, or to improve upon those already offered. In other words, R&D, as a concept, represents the pursuit of innovation within the context of business.

Research and development can be thought of as a cycle, with a constant study of the efficacy and efficiency of a company’s existing products and services leading to new ideas and experimentation, followed by research and more in-depth exploration of new…

We all have a saying that we try to live by and continually repeat to ourselves. Some sayings we apply to our personal lives and others to the way we run a business. At times, the two overlap. For our client, Red Deer, the phrase — ‘play with purpose’ is like a modus operandi, but creativity and pushing boundaries takes courage. Find out how claiming R&D tax relief has created a paradigm shift in Red Deer’s approach to new projects, giving them the freedom to be even more bold and experimental.

I had the pleasure of talking to Lionel Real…

Novel | R&D Tax Relief. Simplified.

Track your R&D projects and complete your tax relief claims, all in one place. Make better claims. Retain more benefit. 🚀

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